DoppelFlow with Feewet, iamelibaker, Greg Close, Charles Nimbus, and Palmingo



Doppelgang & Boston Flow Present: DoppelFlow

Experience a unique hip hop and flow arts experience on Tuesday August 1st at Wonder Bar. $10 presale / $12 door / 21+. Hip hop, trap, future beats, and MCing all night. Music by feewet, iamelibaker, Charles Nimbus, Greg Close, and Palmingo. Flow performances by Boston Flow.

Boston Flow


Doppelgang Live at Sonia Friday July 14th

Doppelgang will be taking over Cambridge with hip hop, DJing, and MCs. Experience live hip hop, electronic music, and a visual experience at Sonia. Performances by AceTheKidd, Bryan Martinez, iamelibaker. Sounds by feewet and Palmingo. More at



$ 10.00 presale // $12.00 door // 18+

Doppelgang Presents: Doppelgang Live at Sonia ft. Doppelgang, Feweet, Palmingo, AceTheKidd, iamelibaker, Bryan Martinez
18+, $10 Advance / $12 Day of Show
8:30pm doors Friday, July 14th

DoppelFlow at Wonder Bar: A Unique Audio Visual Experience




1. An eclectic evening of local talent curated by Doppelgang and Boston Flow.

2. A unique nightlife experiment, blending hip hop and electronic music, flow arts, dancing, illumination, and other arts brought to you by a rich lineup of Boston-based musical, visual, and performance artists.

Discover this genre-blending live music experience – Wednesday, November 30th at the beloved Wonder Bar in Allston.

2-hour live set by Doppelgang
Supporting acts Colin Domigan, Kerry Quirk & BADNEW
Flow performances by the Boston Flow Troupe
Visuals, vendors, vibes.

Tickets: $10 advance, $12 door
Doors: 8pm // 21+ NO I.D. NO ADMITTANCE

Proposed set times:
8:00-9:00 Doors
9:00-9:50 Kerry Quirk
9:50-10:40 BADNEW
10:45-12:35 Doppelgang (LIVE SET)
12:40-end Colin Domigan

Doppelgang is a Boston-based music group focused on the fusion of hip-hop with emerging genres and styles in electronic music. Doppelgang is known for their exciting, unique live performances and their diverse recorded works. Visit for more information.

Boston Flow was founded in 2014 after best friends Cami Aponte and Sarah Tamburelli met hooping in the Common. They were inspired by each other to build a community which would not only unite the spinners of Boston but also celebrate all other forms of artistic talent, all while contributing to the local community. With help from the new Boston Flow Troupe, the collective hosts events, performances, workshops, spinjams and much more. Booking/inquiries:
Visit for more info.

Colin Domigan

Kerry Quirk
> Curator for Meltdown Mondays for @SonicAgenda617
> Thrower of monthly fun thing THE OOZE (hosted at Therapy, Prov RI)

Good music and good times are life goals for Connor Schaum and Taylor Lewis. Together, the Philly and LA producers make up BADNEW, a dynamic, genre-mixing duo that thrives on diverse musical styles. Producing and performing together since 2015, the two met while attending Berklee College of Music where they found their love for collaboration and sonic experimentation. Connor got his start in the music business by working and producing in a well known studio in Lancaster, PA, while Taylor was out on the west coast producing electronic music. They’ve collaborated on numerous tracks and energetic remixes, and performed with a spectrum of artists from GoldLink, ill. Gates and Luca Lush to Sober Rob and Manitee. The unmistakable sound the duo creates is a candid combination of both their influences, dabbling in almost every EDM sub-genre mixed with a solid hip-hop foundation. According to Connor, the most significant facet of making music is “combining disparate and contrasting sonic environments in an effort to display beauty and noise simultaneously,” while Taylor adds, “We try to keep our sound original while maintaining the love for the creation of it. Our friendship is a beautiful thing that has grown over the years and our music reflects that.

Wonder Bar Contact info:
TEL: 1 (617) 351-2665

Experience an Evening with Doppelgang At The Middle East Upstairs


$ 10.00 – $15.00 / Age 18 And Up
18 w/Valid I.D. NO I.D.=NO ADMISSION
Doppelgang & Leedz Edutainment Present: “An Evening With Doppelgang”
Experience an evening with Doppelgang featuring turntablist feewet and emcees Iamelibaker, acethekidd, and Bryan Martinez. Come out Friday, November 5th to The Middle East Upstairs to experience live hip hop, trap, and dance music all night. Opening Acts By William Wallace and Danny Danja 18+ $10 advance / $15 day of show, 10:30pmdoors.
Download Bryan Martinez ‘Makavellian’ Debut Mixtape:
Photography by: Taylor Lutfy

October 20th: Doppelgang @ Bay State

bay state flyer

Doppelgang is back to make some noise, and this time louder than ever. We’re getting things warmed up with a headline show at The Spot Boston on October 20th. Doors open at 7 p.m. & Tickets are only $5. Come have a great experience with the most promising new music group in Boston. Featuring turntablist feewet and emcees Bryan Martinez, AceTheKidd, iamelibaker. Opening act by J True.
Download Bryan Martinez ‘Makavellian’ Debut Mixtape:
Photography by: Taylor Lutfy
Graphic Design by: Megan Hill


In fiction and folklore, a doppelgänger or doppelga(e)nger (/ˈdɒplˌɡɛŋə/ or /ˌɡæŋə/; German: [ˈdɔpəlˌɡɛŋɐ], literally “double-goer”) is a look-alike or double of a living person, sometimes portrayed as aparanormal phenomenon, and in some traditions as a harbinger of bad luck. In other traditions and stories, they recognize one’s ‘double-goer’ as an evil twin.

Doppelgang music is the embodiment of duality – to embrace the good and evil inside oneself. Our fans are ruthless, our drive is unstoppable. Join the doppelgang and sell your soul for a better life. Contact:


Catch Doppelgang Live 6/6/16 at The Middle East Upstairs With Supporting Acts By Blanco x Breeze, DJ Scooby, Palmingo, Casio, AR

Quarter Page Flyer 1677 x 1300 v2

Doppelgang Music Presents: Doppelgang Live at The Middle East Upstairs Featuring iamelibaker, Bryan Martinez, feewet, AceTheKidd, Palmingo, & More. Join us Monday, June 6 for good vibes, good music, and real hip hop. Presale tickets $10 // $15 at the door // Doors 7:30PM. Visit for more information.

ANNOUNCING supporting acts by: Blanco x Brezze, DJ Scooby, Palmingo, Casio, AR.

$10.00 presale, $15.00 door
18+ w/Valid I.D. NO I.D.=NO ADMISSION
8:00 PM Doors

AceTheKidd and Feewet Drop ‘Reload’

Ace The Kidd Dark Lord

photo credit: Taylor Lutfy

Ace is Back. Doppelgang’s newest single ‘Reload’ combines the lyricism of AceTheKidd and the production skill from young feewet. Watch out or AceTheKidd’s upcoming release through Doppelgang Records. This track is just the beginning in a series of Doppelgang releases that will invade your summer. We produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered this song ourselves, just for the fans. Be sure to grab a free download here.

Doppelgang Presents 2: Get 10 Tracks for Free From Doppelgang

Here’s another treat: 10 more free tracks from our featured artists. Including production from palmingo, feewet, michael and raps by Doppelgangers AceTheKidd, Eli Baker, and Bryan Martinez. Our favorite track from this one is “Kiss Kiss”, a song we recorded last year over Lido’s remix of the original track, “Kiss Kiss” by Cashmere Cat. This song shows the unique ability of Doppelgang to mesh club music with hip hop. Expect more content from these artists in the future and be sure to follow Doppelgang on Soundcloud and Facebook and check out our website,

Download ‘Doppelgang Presents 2’ for free here.

If you missed out last time, check out Doppelgang Presents 1 here.

Doppelgang: Facebook| Twitter | Soundcloud

Bryan Martinez – Free Mixtape Download ‘Makavellian’

Support on social media for a free download here

‘Makavellian’ out now on

‘Makavellian’ is Bryan Martinez’s debut mixtape. Featuring production by 808Savages, BlasianBeats, KidFlash, PaulTheVillun, XaviorJordan. Download and support for Boston artists and hip hop.

Find Bryan Martinez and Doppelgang on:


1. Makavellian
2. Warm Up Intro (Prod. 808Savages)
3. Over Here (Prod. BlasianBeats)
4. Jugo (Prod. KidFlash)
5. Outside (Prod. PaulTheVillun)
6. The Chase (Prod. KidFlash)
7. Fuck Yo Moralz (Prod. PaulTheVillun)
8. We Should Sell Drugs
9. Old Shit (Prod. XaviorJordan)
10. Lord Forgive Me (Prod. PaulTheVillun)
11. They Ain’t Ready For It (Prod. XaviorJordan)
12. Welcome To The Turn Up (Prod. 808Savages)
13. Beast Mode (Prod. KidFlash)
14. Young King (Prod. XaviorJordan)
15. WTF Are You Talking About

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